Why Electric Scooters Are Popular In Large Cities

Why Electric Scooters Are Popular In Large Cities

Written by: Journalismist Perhaps you are looking at an electric scooter (otherwise known as an e-scooter), or you are thinking of getting one for your loved one. Whatever the reason, e-scooters are very popular with teenagers and young adults. One reason is that they come in so many varieties, like […]

How to Make Decorations with Recycled Materials?

How to Make Decorations with Recycled Materials

How to Make Decorations with Recycled Materials? Christmas season is upon us, and one of the biggest forms of waste that we have to date is Christmas decorations. This is because they are often made poorly, and often out of cheap plastic, so they are not made to last. Plus, […]

Having a Green Christmas: Recycling Christmas trees

recycling Christmas trees

Recycling Christmas trees: Christmas is not to a burden on planet earth. With wise thinking and imagination at the time of recycling Christmas trees, cards, and wrapping. We together can reduce the environmental impact this holiday season.  You can find also some Christmas recycling bags on Amazon. Local Made Gifts […]

Why is Sustainable Economic Development Vital for big Cities?

sustainable economic development

Sustainable economic development is a principal that is slowly starting to take hold. With the climate crisis upon us, it is vital that we find ways to make city planning and urban development greener. So, what are the reasons why we should focus on sustainable economic development in cities? 1. Contaminated air should […]

The Importance of Sustainable Development in Cities

sustainable economic development

Sustainable Development in Cities The world is changing, and so are our ways of living. You may have heard about the climate strike protests from Grete Thunberg or the increasing number of vegan alternatives coming to the market. Those things all have one goal in common: to save the environment. […]