Homemade Lemonade For Your Kids

Description: There are different ways to prepare homemade lemonade for your kids; it provides them with a rich combination of nutrients besides the amazing tastes. In this article, we analyze three pieces of advice on making homemade lemonade with a juicer.

When you have kids, you will always want to provide for them in the best way you can. Children particularly love lemonades, and as a parent, you would enrich their childhood lives by preparing for them the most amazing lemonade. Besides the taste, a good lemonade will contain the best prenatal vitamins that are typically essential to the body.

One of the most exciting juices to make at home is lemonade. This drink has a tantalizing taste that provides a refreshing feeling, especially in the summer. Here are the three most important things to consider if you want to know homemade lemonade with a juicer for your kids.

● Keep it Fresh

When making a homemade lemonade recipe, the first thing you need to consider is the ingredients’ freshness. The most popular homemade lemonade add-ons in households today are homemade lemonade with honey, homemade lemonade and lime, and homemade lemonade with sugar.

People are increasingly embracing healthy eating habits, and lemonades are a good place to start. For the perfect drink, you need to ensure that your lemon and apples are fresh and healthy. Preferably freshly bought fruits make the best instead of fruits that have been kept for a long time.

Since we take homemade lemonade for the superb taste and for thor nutritional value, many people are concerned about homemade lemonade benefits. Here are some of the fundamental health benefits of a freshly made lemonade and lemon as well.

1.  Hydration

Hydration is a significant function of the body, for both men, women, and children. Although water in itself can serve the purpose, pure water is generally tasteless, and many people end up not drinking enough water because of this.

A perfect homemade lemonade using juicer or lemon water helps people to increase their intake in a fun way, which consequently helps overall hydration. 

2. Prevents Indigestion and Stomach Aches

Kids are often prone to stomach aches due to their fragile nature and relatively weak immune systems—a perfectly made homemade lemonade with honey, which is known to tackle indigestion issues. You can often give your kids some lemonade a few minutes before their meal to digest their food faster. 

3. Lemon Peel as an Anti-Cancer

Similarly, skin cancer is a menace to many people today; however, lemon peel offers a great way to reduce skin cancer risk by approximately 30%. Limonoids and limonene are anti-cancer properties that are found in lemon peels. A good way to reduce your chances of getting skin cancer is by continuously consuming even a tablespoon weekly.

4. Excellent source for Vitamin C

Vitamin C is mostly found in citrus fruits like lemons that have a wide range of health benefits to the body of both kids and adults. Homemade lemonade without sugar, for instance, provides a healthy drink for everyone, including those who are trying to avoid a lot of sugar.

5. Helps in Weight Loss

Weight loss products account for a massive industry today, and while many are looking into expensive and time-consuming options. Homemade lemonades and lime could be the answer.

Homemade Lemonade For Your Kids
Homemade Lemonade For Your Kids

● Get the measurements right.

A juicer makes the work a lot easier for lemonade lovers. However, just like any other cocktail drink, the measurements are the key to that established and desired taste. Typically, it a homemade lemonade with 3 lemons can serve one or two people.

Here is a simple lemonade recipe with carefully considered measurements to ensure that you get the most out of your homemade lemonade to produce about 4 cups.

Homemade Lemonade Ingredients

  1. A three-quarter cup of caster sugar
  2. A cup of boiling water
  3. Two cups of ice
  4. A cup of cold water
  5. A cup of lemon juice – about five to six lemons


You should start by pouring the boiled water into a container, preferably a jug, and add the sugar. 

Stir the solution to and make sure the caster sugar has completely dissolved to ensure a perfect homemade lemonade.

Add some ice to the solution and put in in the fridge to make it cool even faster. During this time, you can start squeezing out the lemon juice. This is arguably the difficult part of making a homemade lemonade for many people. A single lemon cup is filled with about five lemons if properly squeezed. It is better to have a few more lemons on standby in case of spillage.

Pour the squeezed lemon juice into the previously prepared sugar syrup. You can add the two cups of water depending on how you dilute or strong you like your lemonades. 

Garnish your lemonade cups with beautifully sliced lemon pieces, pretty straws, or mint leaves and serve. 

For a Juicer lemonade, however, the instructions are a little different, and here’s how. In this scenario, it would be better to use apples and lemons to make the best homemade lemonade using a juicer. You will need three apples and a fresh lemon fruit for this procedure. 

Clean the fruits, and depending on your preference, you can peel them off. Set the juicer on and first add two apples and juice them. Once this is done, add the lemon and juice and finally add the third apple to complete the process.  

Once the process is complete, turn off the juicer and serve your tasty lemonade in a glass and add ice to enjoy your perfectly made homemade lemonade with mint, by garnishing with mint leaves. 

● Consider additives to enrich the taste.

Well, sometimes, it helps to be a little extra with your recipes. The same old tastes can be a little boring, and you may want to discover new tastes. There are amazing ways you can make homemade lemonade and mint as well as homemade lemonade with honey. These are unconventional recipes, but they still bring out mouth-watering tastes. Similarly, they are easy to incorporate, making you prepare the custom homemade lemonade quickly and easily.

Other than the command additives like mint, honey, and lime, you can try the apple cider vinegar. However, this route is not for everyone, especially if you are making the lemonade for the kids. Organic, raw apple cider has a strong taste that will significantly alter your usual lemonade taste. Arguably, the apple cider vinegar provides more nutritional value than taste value. 

The homemade lemonade benefits are tremendous and often outweigh the time and process dedicated to making one for yourself and your kids. Besides the obvious refreshing feel, homemade lemonades have significant health benefits.

Conclusion: To achieve the most health benefits out of your homemade lemonade, you should keep an eye on the ingredients you use. It is advisable to use organic sugar, for instance.

Lemonades are quite popular and refreshing drinks that are often served cold. If you are a fan, you are better off making your homemade lemonades instead of the already processed options available.

Author’s bio: Nellie Rodriguez is a retired cook and blogger. Nellie writes about food and fascinating places around the world. She’s currently working as a consultant for high-end restaurants. Raised in the UK, she’s moved to DC as a student and traveled for two years before settling in LA.

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