8 Best DIY Water Games Ideas

Description: With summer fast approaching, the last thing you want are bored kids at home, right? So start preparing their outdoor fun with our list of water games to enjoy at home. Let the kids help with the setting up – that is half the fun!

Summer is fast approaching, and with the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting worldwide health scare, we are all looking forward to better weather and outdoor activities. Has your kid been playing games online or on their console – like some water skiing games? Or, maybe, your small children have been frolicking with those indoor handheld water games? It’s time to get them excited for the outdoor, backyard games. There are plenty of activities for kids, so parents should probably start getting a running list of water games together to use on rotation during the summer months.

Kids love outdoor water games, but they tend to get over a single pastime fairly quickly. So start preparing by deciding on what you would like to give a try. Most of these games are made with items that can be found lying around the house or backyard.

If you think that the summer is way too long for DIY water games – have a look online for water toys. They can be purchased from any outlet that sells games, toys, clothes, and other baby things. Don’t forget to check if the outside water hose is working; that way, there’s no need to fill buckets in the kitchen, risking to have a massive spill there.

water games for kids
water games for kids

Have Fun With Water Games

Backyard water games can keep kids entertained for hours while beating the summer heat. The best part of DIY water games is that your little ones are involved in setting up the activity, which is half the fun!

So let’s jump right into the details and go through some DIY games the kids can arrange at home!

DIY Water Wall

There are quite a few variations of this activity, and it requires the kids to use their imagination and creativity. The wall is set up using a pegboard, gate, or similar surface as a base – with PVC pipes and tubes added to the front. The pipes and tubes are placed strategically, so when water is poured in from the top, it moves down through the pipes and hoses. The last (bottom) pipe or hose leads to a bucket that catches the water. This game requires a bit of help from adults. The aim is to have as much water reach the bucket as possible. Add funnels, hose pipes, small plastic containers that will tip over – let their imagination run wild! Watch a short video tutorial here.

Water Balloon Pinata

Who doesn’t love water balloon games? This is a spin on a classic – you will need balloons filled with water, some string, and a plastic baseball bat. Tie the string around the top of the balloon and hang it off a tree branch. Swing it back and forth and watch the kids try to hit it!

DIY water games
DIY water games for kids

Ice Excavation

Perfect for younger kids – this is one of those get the sponge out of water games. Put some water in a plastic container, add some cut-up sponges and small plastic toys like lego figurines and freeze overnight.

The kids then have to excavate the items from the ice, using plastic tools and wooden sticks. Incorporate a science lesson by having them melt the ice with salt!

Gun Target Practice

If your kids love water guns games, they will enjoy this one! Set up a target of plastic bottles or little plastic toys on a wall or table. Shoot at them with a water gun. Make it more fun by having a friendly competition between friends — first to hit all the targets win!

Water Relay Games

These water games are super fun, but it needs a few players. There are several varieties of water relay games; try this one at home in summer – set up an obstacle course in the backyard with plastic bins, makeshift walls, and other stuff you find around the house. The obstacles should be large enough so that the players can hide behind them.

The participants are assigned as either ‘runners’ or bombers.’ The bombers get a water bucket with sponges in and have to hit the runners with the wet sponges as they make their way through the obstacle course.

Leaking Cup Race

If you have kids that are a bit older – give water games for youth a go! This is easy but fun to set up in the backyard. For this venture, you need a plastic cup with a small hole in the bottom, a bucket, and an obstacle course. Set up the latter but include barriers that they have to jump over, climb under, or do on one leg.

You will need two teams of players. One person runs with the cup of water above their head, through the obstacle course and dumps the remaining water in the bucket at the end. Then, the next teammate takes the cup and does the same. First team with their bucket of water filled wins!

Leaking Cup Race
Leaking Cup Race

Mini Water Cycle

Water cycle games are actually science experiments, so this is great for the curious little scientists!

Set this experiment up in the backyard in a sunny spot. Here is what you will need:

  • A big plastic or metal bowl – a mixing bowl is perfect!
  • A ceramic coffee mug
  • Plastic wrap
  • A large rubber band or piece of string
  • Water
  • A pitcher or jug

Put the bowl on a table in a sunny spot in the garden. Fill it ¼ full of water with the pitcher. Place the coffee mug in its center, be sure not to get any water in the cup! Cover the bowl with the plastic wrap and put the rubber band or string over the top of it to keep the plastic wrap in place. Check it every day and see the results.

After a few hours, the water from the bowl will condense on the plastic wrap and drip into the cup. After a day or two, it will be empty, but the mug — full!

Liquid Chalk Paint

Super easy to set up, these water games keep kids occupied for hours! Get some jumbo chalk and crush it with a pan or small stone (kids love doing this) and mix with water in a bucket. Whip out some paintbrushes and get the kiddies to ‘paint’ the wall or walkways in the garden. If the ‘paint’ dries and it left a mark – you can easily hose it off. Have fun with the different colors, and get them to paint murals or scenes out of their favorite book or movie!

Don’t let your children get bored this summer – prepare their outdoor fun now by collecting plastic items from the kitchen and putting them to one side. You might need it later for one or another activity! If you are not sure what games they would like, pitch them a list of games, like the one we have here, and let them decide!

Always remember to have adult supervision for any outdoor water activities, especially if there are buckets and big containers. Accidents can happen, but take extra precautions by explaining the necessary safety measures to your kids as well.

What water games for kids will you try out first? Any more ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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