Eco-Friendly Bags

In this day and age, the movement to make things a lot more eco-friendly has grown by a sizable margin. Many states have made the switch to paper bags over plastic ones. Another option is for people to get eco-friendly bags that they can use to do things like wash vegetables after shopping or just carry their groceries in rather than grabbing paper bags that they will have to put in the recycle bin.

The question is, is getting a sustainable shopping bag a thing that will be used in the long term, or is it a fad that will fade in the not-too-distant future?  


There are a lot of good reasons to make the switch to buying a bunch of eco-friendly bags. They include:  

  • Their Durability – Many of these bags can last quite a while, which means you can use them for many different tasks.  
  • Their Reusability – You can use them to carry supplies to and from work, among other things. They are not just for shopping.   
  • Their Money-Saving Capabilities – Many places are charging a tax on paper bags – which can add up over the course of a year. Use these bags and they pay for themselves nearly immediately.  
  • Their Positive Impact on the Environment –  If nearly every one got these bags and used them, that would reduce the amount of plastic bags in landfills and water. This would also save a lot of animals who can possibly choke on these things.  


Like everything in life, there are also cons to eco-friendly bags. Those demerits include:  

  • Their Ability to Get Dirty Inside – Of course, if you use the bags to carry work supplies, that means the interior can get dirty… so you need to clean the food that you put in there before eating.  
  • Their Difficulty to Be Disposed Of – Didn’t we say that they would save landfills from plastic? Yes, but they are usually made of non-recyclable material – just wait and hope they come up with ways to recycle these.  
  • Their Sometimes Inconvenience – Unless you have a habit of keeping a few empty ones in your car, it can be more convenient to just get the paper bag at the store.  

Overall, it looks like they have more benefits than inconveniences, so they can be used by environmentally-conscious families and individuals. As technology continues to improve, then newer things will come out to help keep things clean.  


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