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In recent years the electric kick scooter has become extremely popular in high-density cities in the US and all over the world. With companies giving people the freedom and opportunity to rent such a forward-thinking mode of transport.

So why would someone want to buy or use an electric scooter?

Well, there are a few real reasons why people are deciding to move forward on these scooters.

Climate change and green energy

Fundamentally people are now investing in the idea of a greener and better future. As a society, we now like to promote and support companies who are like-minded. Electric kick scooters although having a lifespan on their battery create zero-carbon admissions and no noise pollution. This is a double thumbs up for an easy mode of transport in towns and cities. With a lot of inner-city urban areas banning the use of combustion engines, electric kick scooters increasingly seem like such a simple and effective way of traveling around built-up areas.

For fun and leisure

These scooters are now being used recreationally by people. The freedom of touring a new city in a noninvasive and exciting new way seems to be incredibly appealing to some. In this sense they do promote tourism, allowing a wider range of people to visit and explore towns and cities.

Destination or the daily commute

Increasingly people are using this particular mode of transport to get to and from work, college, the gym et cetera. The great thing about an electric kick scooter is that they can be folded quite easily and brought with you on a train or unlike a bike they can also be carried on a bus. The rider can essentially travel to multiple destinations and over longer distances. There is such a wide range of electric kick scooters on the market that pretty much anyone can choose a suitable one for their demographic and climate.

Before you buy an electric scooter there are a few things you should know first.

The main differences between electric kick scooters

The main differences between electric kick scooters

Instead of being propelled forward by pushing off the ground with your leg electric kick scooters are propelled forward using a small accelerator usually on the back where the break would be on other scooters.
Sometimes this accelerator can be on the front of the scooter or as a manual twist throttle on the handlebar.
There are a few common differences between types of electric kick scooters. Here are some.

· Wheels

Most electric kick scooters tires are made with a plastic core inside a high-density polyurethane, this is extremely hard wearing and is the same kind of material used in skateboard wheels. Occasionally the tires will be inflatable but are usually a sealed reinforced unit so there’s no need to pump them up and they won’t get a puncture. The size of the wheels will change the performance and usability of the scooter. Bigger wheels may have a smoother ride with better shock absorption and on the other hand, smaller wheels are going to make the scooter lighter and easier to carry around. On the subject of shock absorption, it is possible to choose an electric kick scooter that has a suspension. Usually, this would be a front spring suspension and would give the rider more comfort when riding on ruff services.

· Deck size

The deck of the scooter is where the rider stands. Usually having a larger deck will mean your scooter will be a little more comfortable and easier to get on and off. However, with a smaller deck, your scooter is going to be much lighter and therefore much more portable.

· Power

Typically a 250W Electric kick scooter can reach speeds of around 18 to 20 mph in flat urban areas whereas more powerful types of scooters are able to conquer most hills. There is a speed restriction on electric scooters in most places in the US of 20mph, although it does vary this is probably enough speed for most people. Keeping in mind that weight will certainly play a factor in speed performance.

· Battery

Battery life and charging time is variable from scooter to another scooter. The least charging time for a scooter is about 3 hours and the most would be an overnight charge of 12 hours. Typically, the charge in a scooter would last at least one hour and much longer for other models. Battery life is also dependent on a number of factors weight probably being the most obvious. It will also make a difference if the rider maintains a high speed for a length of time. Some models of electric kick scooters have an economical setting. If this is turned on then it will allow the rider to go further and keeps the speed to a regular minimum. Some scooters also have variable speed settings kind of like gears that will do much the same thing.

The legality of electric kick scooters

Technically anybody at any age can use an electric kick scooter however, the manufacturer sets their own guidelines for age suitability. If the scooter is going to be used on a public road or sidewalk It’s very important to be aware of any kind of local motoring laws. As electric kick scooters are self-propelling there are some restrictions. These restrictions vary from state to state and sometimes even from city to city. Some states require a driving license and others allow users to ride electric kick scooters just the same as bikes.

As there is not a yes or no answer in regards to the legality of electric kick scooters, here is a great website that will hopefully make things a little clearer.


Electric scooters

How much does it cost for an electric kick scooter?

As well as being able to rent electric kick scooters the market hosts many competitive private sellers. This means that there are electric kick scooters available from $250 and up, making them accessible to most people. The price of an electric kick scooter varies considerably for different products. The price is dependent on the battery life, durability and design of the scooter. Most scooters come with basic features such as LED lights, disc brakes, LED or LCD screen and sometimes Bluetooth compatibility.

The best place to find electric kick scooter reviews is probably amazon.com. Amazon reviews seem to come from real customers who have bought and used the product in all types of settings. Amazon is host to a large number of reliable and legitimate companies and stock a broad choice of electric kick scooters. This means that there is something for everybody and a lot to compare.

Here is a list of some of the best-reviewed electric kick scooters:

MAGICELEC Electric Scooter

5-star Amazon review

· Price $299
· Speed 15.5mph
· Riding range 13miles
· Tire size 8.5”
· Weight 28lbs

This scooter is perfect for the commuter who needs to travel short distances. It’s not particularly powerful but at only 28lbs it’s incredibly portable and at a very competitive price.

NANROBOT Electric Scooter

4-star Amazon review

· Price $899
· Speed 20mph
· Riding range 25miles
· Charging time 4-6 hours
· Tire size 8”
· Weight 260lbs

Although quite a bit more expensive the NANROBOT range is considerably higher. Competitively small it weighs a bit more at 260lbs to cater to its larger battery. This scooter also has a sprung suspension to tackle all types of services.

XINAO NANROBOT D5 Electric scooter

4-star Amazon review

· Price $1399
· Speed 40mph
· Riding range 50miles
· Tire size 10”

This scooter is capable of cruise control. Along with the sleek and durable design its riding range makes is stand out from the rest. It’s also capable of Bluetooth and has Mobile app connectivity. This means it has greater security than a lot of other models.

RND F16 Electric Scooter

4-star Amazon review

· Price $219
· Speed 18mph
· Riding range 22.5miles
· Tire size 10.5” back 10” front

The RND F16 is a bit of a luxury ride, it has front foot throttle and is known for having no recoil when accelerating. Although still having a portable folding design it has rather large tires 10.5” at the back and 10” at the front, in other words, this is a smooth ride.

UberScoot Electric Scooter

4 -star Amazon review

· Price $359
· Speed 18mph
· Riding range 18.6miles
· Charging time 6-8hours
· Tire size 12”
· Weight 101lbs

This scooter is a little different from the rest. It has knobbly tires and front suspension that makes it suitable for off-road riding. It’s also equipped with an economical setting to save you power for long journeys and is powerful enough to get you up pretty much any hill. It’s foldable and unlike the others comes with a quick-release seat as standard.

Razor E325 Electric Scooter

0 -star Amazon review (not evaluated)

· Price $279
· Speed 15mph
· Riding time 45mins
· Tire size 9”
· Weight 52.6lbs

The Razor has a super-size deck and allows the user ample riding space, it is an extremely comfortable scooter. It has extra-wide tires and a twist throttle giving the rider the freedom and choice of a smoother ride.

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