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What does the term “micro-mobility” mean? Well, it’s a term used for a small, and usually electric-powered means of transport like an electric scooter, skateboard or hoverboard. There are so many different micro-mobility choices out there it’s hard to choose one. Arguably, one of the most interesting micro-mobility platforms is the Electric Unicycle Scooter. This nifty little invention allows the rider to stand up freely. This “self-balancing” technology is a relatively new innovation and is getting people excited globally. If you have ever seen somebody riding an electric unicycle then you have probably marveled at the use of its extraordinary technology.

So why would someone want to buy or use an electric unicycle over other micro-mobility products?

Well, there are a few reasons why people are deciding to stand up tall while going around town! The first thing that has to be said about electric unicycles is that they just are fun! As well as being a mode of transport some electric unicycles come as standard with LED mood lighting, Bluetooth compatibility, app control and sometimes even a built-in speaker! The electric unicycle is being used recreationally by people all over urban areas. Just like all the modes of micro-mobility, the electric unicycle is extremely portable. The user can take the unicycle on public transport quite easily making it a very handy gadget to cover a long commute.

Climate change and green energy

With the number of cars and combustion engines disappearing in our inner cities and urban areas and as zero carbon emissions become more important. The average person needs to have an easy commuting alternative. Electric Unicycle Scooters are now so accessible to the average person with prices starting at around $300. These products are affordable and can be charged in the comfort of your own home. Interested?

There are a few things to consider before deciding to buy an Electric Unicycle Scooter.

Riding an Electric Unicycle Scooter

Unlike electric scooters, an electric unicycle scooter does take a little more practice to ride. It’s important to remember that beginners should start practicing in a large and open space. The beginner should start by getting comfortable moving backward and forwards before learning how to take nice controlled turns.

Posture is really important; you need to maintain good balance which means keeping you up a body nice and straight and standing up tall. To steer all the rider needs to do is apply a little more pressure to one foot. Above all, you need to have patience, once you start getting a little more confident on your Electric unicycle then it becomes second nature.

The technology is designed to work with your body and therefore is very ergonomic. Once you have found your confidence it will feel like the unicycle is reading your mind! After mastering a nice flat surface you can start moving on to more challenging services.

What is different about an electric unicycle scooter?

An Electric Unicycle Scooter is unique to a hoverboard or a Segway because it consists of a single wheel system and sometimes a dual wheel system. This wheel system is located right in the middle, between the rider’s feet allowing the user to have great maneuverability. It doesn’t have a saddle or any kind of handle and so is solely controlled by the rider’s feet. Very much like an actual unicycle but without the pedals.

An electric unicycle usually has two-fold down non-slip platforms one for each foot. Most of them will have a handle at the top for portability. This handle will either be obvious in the design or sometimes can slide up from the unicycle itself. There are some really lovely sleek and attractive designs on the market.

When you are searching the market for products to buy you should consider:

· Battery

Battery life and charging time is variable from product to product. Because the electric unicycle is one of the smaller modes of micro-mobility it’s charging time seems to be relatively little for most products, around 3 hours, sometimes a little more or little less. Battery life is very dependent on the weight of the rider, and how hard or fast the rider uses the product. Because electric unicycles are usually made for built-up areas their speed range can sometimes be a little lower than other micro-mobility products. Not always, however, there are some electric unicycles that can reach speeds of 20mph.

· Max rider weight

It’s really important to know how much weight an electric unicycle can take. All of the rider’s weight is focused in one place instead of being spread out like most other micro-mobility forms of transport. This is because the wheels are fully centered and therefore the center hub will be the focus of the load. This isn’t too much of an issue however because most electric unicycles can take up to 220lbs and more.

· Riding range

Riding range is a really important thing to look out for. This is because the riding range of electric unicycles can vary quite considerably. While some will range up to 9.3 miles others can range up to 25 miles! Even though this comparison does come with a bit of a price gap it is quite a considerable difference!

· The legality of Electric unicycles

Technically anybody at any age can use an electric unicycle however, manufacturers set their own guidelines for age suitability. If the scooter is going to be used on a public road or sidewalk It’s very important to be aware of any kind of local motoring laws. As electric unicycles are self-propelling there are some restrictions. These restrictions vary from state to state and sometimes even from city to city. Some states require a driving license and others allow users to ride Electric Unicycle Scooters just the same as bikes.

As there is not a yes or no answer in regards to the legality of electric unicycles, here are a couple of great forums that host people with experience of riding electric unicycles in the US. Hopefully, this makes things a little clearer.

When buying an electric unicycle scooter it’s good to know exactly what you’re looking for. It’s good to do your own research and a cross-comparison. What might be right for some won’t necessarily be right for others? It’s a really great idea to get other people’s opinions before making a decision.

The best place to find electric unicycle reviews is probably Amazon reviews seem to come from real customers who have bought and used the product in all types of settings. Amazon is host to a large number of reliable and legitimate companies and stock a broad choice of Electric Unicycle Scooters. This means that there is something for everybody and a lot to compare.

A list of some of the most reviewed Electric Unicycle Scooters
A list of some of the most reviewed Electric Unicycle Scooters

Here is a list of some of the most reviewed Electric Unicycle Scooters:

Hoverclub Electric Unicycle

3.7-star Amazon review

· Price $299.99

· Speed 7.5mph

· Riding range 9.3-12.5miles

· Tire size 8.5”

· Max rider weight 220lbs

· Charge time 3 hours

This unicycle is nicely priced, making it easily accessible to most. It comes as standard with headlights and green LEDs. It also has dual airfield tires giving it great stability and balance. It has a good-looking sleek design and is highly portable.

Swagtron Electric Unicycle

3.5-star Amazon review

· Price $399

· Speed 9mph

· Riding range 12.4 miles

· Charging time 3 hours

This model is a little bit bigger and maybe a bit less portable however, it includes a lot of interesting features. It’s capable of semi off-road riding, it has Bluetooth compatibility and an inbuilt speaker. A great feature to show off to your friends!

InMotion V10F Electric Unicycle

3.3-star Amazon review

· Price $1199

· Speed 25mph

· Riding range 62miles

· Max rider weight 260lbs

· Charging time 8 hours

V10 was engineered from the ground up to consider weight distribution, pedal-to-axle ratio, pedal height, overall body height, and especially the ultra-slim body width.

SEADOSHOPPING Electric Unicycle

3-star Amazon review

· Price $860

· Speed 20mph

· Riding range 25miles

· Max Hill gradient 45degrees

· Charging time 1-2hours

The SEADOSHOPPING6 Electric unicycle outstrips a lot on the market with a 20-mile riding range. It can also reach speeds of up to 20 mph which is quite fast for an electric unicycle! It doesn’t have many extra features but considering it’s riding range and speed this is a considerable factor when it comes to its performance.

InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle

2 -star Amazon review

· Price $799

· Speed 15.6mph

· Riding range 25miles

· Charging time 3.6hours

· Product weight 26lbs

The InMotion unicycle, although having mixed reviews, stands out with an incredibly sleek design. It has a single air-filled wheel giving it good maneuverability. It also has a motor kill button underneath the handle. This allows the user to pick up the unicycle quickly making it great for going around town with. The riding range is another factor to be considered, at 25 miles it would give most electric unicycles a run for their money!

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