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I have to make a big announcement. I am talking with experts around the world to have sustainability interviews with them available online. 

The idea is to get in contact with sustainability experts and to interview them regarding topics as for example covid-19, how it changes their business. 

And also, to talk more about them-self, their brand or products and to bring all this to you, guys! 

I will focus on different areas such as green energies, sustainable fashion, green cities, eco-friendly lifestyles, and more… 

I want also to offer an opportunity for the people around the world to be able to share their points of view, so I would like to get in contact with experts from UK, India, Africa, South America, the more the merrier. 

Normally in we offer people to publish guest posts about all sustainable topics and now, we want to go deeper and bring you all types of expert’s points of view and sharing. 

Environmental sustainability interview

It doesn´t mean we will stop to publish guest posts for free, it just means we want to add on top of this a new format. 

We hope it will get your interests, and also, we want to promote the work of these experts, because I believe all of them deserve more coverage for their works in the sustainable industry, for them or for their brand. 

Also, if you are an expert and if you want to promote your work, your brand, or a great new product, we can publish your environmental sustainability interview for free. To do so you just have to contact me on [email protected]. And I will send you a list of sustainability interview questions according to your expertise. It will be also be published on Twitter

 So, don´t be shy if you are interested! 

Hopefully from next month, I will be able to share the first expert’s sustainability interviews.  

Please don´t hesitate to share this post! 


To learn more about sustainable living and how to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, visit our homepage.


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