Busting 4 Common Myths of Green Living

Busting 4 Common Myths of Green Living

Have you always wanted to do your bit for Mother Earth but feel turned off because it takes too much effort, means going vegan, and is more expensive?  Well, what if I told you it’s the complete opposite? Living sustainably actually makes life easier, eating well and not giving up meat if you’re not ready yet, and is cheaper. As someone who’s been […]

Building a Better Future: The path to net-zero

The path to net-zero

In the face of the climate crisis, taking into consideration rising energy costs, many organizations are committing to lowering or eliminating their carbon emissions.  The urgency of this is clear, and it is essential that these pledges amount to more than just words. Once decarbonization targets are set, and companies have arranged an accurate method of recording their greenhouse gas (GHG) data, they must take strategic action to transition to net zero.   With 28% of all global carbon […]

Is working from home as eco-friendly as you think?

Remote work sustainability

A guide to remote work sustainability: No commute, no office space consuming energy, no takeaway lunches – more of the world is working from home than ever before. Surely, it would be logical to believe that working from home is universally better for the environment. Maybe not. It also means you are using more energy in your home, more of your […]

A Wasted Opportunity: Looking more closely at the exponential growth of e-waste

growth of e-waste

Written by: Seema Thomas, MUP, MPA The global desire for electronics continues to grow exponentially. E-waste is now the fastest-growing global trash stream. According to the World Economic Forum, the projected number of electronic devices and equipment could be between 25-50 billion by 2020. On an individual level, each global consumer has at least 7 connected devices, not including the other devices […]

Big announcement, environmental sustainability interview coming soon!

Sustainability interview

Hi,  I have to make a big announcement. I am talking with experts around the world to have sustainability interviews with them available online.  The idea is to get in contact with sustainability experts and to interview them regarding topics as for example covid-19, how it changes their business.  And also, to talk more […]