How you can recycle Christmas Lights

Decoration of the house for Christmas was fun. Lights and decorations were in a festive feel and it helps us get into the holiday spirit. The lights and decorations are nice to put up, but nobody enjoys Christmas light recycling and decorations. 

For most of us is to throw the Christmas lights into the trash after the celebration. This is not the right way to dispose of and recycle Christmas lights that you don’t need. The right way is to turn them up into a recycling program.

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Why recycle Christmas Lights?

It is easier to throw Christmas lights in the trash. But the landfill is not a proper place for the lights. If you look at the packaging of the lights carefully you will see a symbol clearly indicating that lights are not to be thrown in the trash.

Christmas Lights can be recycled and that is why is wasteful to throw in the trash. They consist of the material like the copper and the plastic can be recycled and reused once they have been removed from the light. The main purpose of recycling is the conservation of the resources in the product. Another important suggestion it can also save the space of the landfill.

How to recycle Christmas Lights?

Finally, I am hopeful that you think about the need to recycle old lights. You might be wondering about the Christmas light recycling option. There are many ways for Christmas Lights recycling and it is up to you what works for you.

One of the basic ideas is to turn the Christmas lights to the local recycling center. Most of the states have a center where people can bring items to have them recycled. Importantly the location of the Christmas Light and other recycling centers can be found by calling the city hall.

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Reusing Christmas Lights

The best thing for you is to continue the use of the Christmas Lights. When the item has recycled some part of the material will go to the waste. It requires resources and processes for the items to recycle. Before deciding of sending it to the recycle center consider that you have got the full use of the Christmas Lights.

On the other hand, if the light still works and doesn’t fit in your new decoration lights consider giving it to a family member. You can donate it as a charity as well. After you have exhausted all the options of possible usage. You can let the lights go to the recycling center for recycling.

If you really love Christmas and the holiday season with the lights and decorations. Bring in a responsibility to dispose and recycle the Christmas Lights once the Holiday fever is over. Take the time in helping the environment and handing it over to a near recycling center.

How you can recycle Christmas Lights?

We are in January for a new year. It is time to navigate all the Christmas returns, take down the tree and decoration, and recycle Christmas lights. There are some concerns to be mindful before throwing away the lights. A reason how you can recycle Christmas Lights before you throw away as it might end up in the landfill.

In case, if you have old light strings, you must be careful of the recycling. While these use less electricity but a significant source of mercury production when broken. It might not be a good idea and safe to throw in the garbage to get rid of it. Consider recycle of the Christmas lights and switch to the LED Lights.

You can watch it also on youtube.

Local Municipal Waste Service

You might not be the only one to recycle the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. By contacting local municipal waste service for recycling to see if the authority accepts working and non-working lights. You might have to set up an appointment for them to collect or re-direct you to a local company that recycles Christmas lights near you.

MOM Store

Mom is more fun than a grocery store. Being a seller of selling organic stuff, it also services as a recycling center for the hard thing such as batteries, corks, and Christmas lights. It helps to create construction material for the roof and elements by using the working and mom working lights. You can check out with the MOM recycling drive section to see when the recycling drive happens.

Mail Recycling

Christmas Light Source

If you send Christmas Light source the old and broken lights, the company might offer you a discount of 10% to replace. You can learn more about where to recycle and mail your Christmas lights on the website. All the collection of the sale is donated.

Holiday LED

Another significant contribution from Holiday LED is you can mail old Christmas lights. While they offer a 15% discount on the purchase with a year program. You can use a detail option on their website how they prefer to get the delivery of the old Christmas lights for recycling.

Replacing the old lights and strips with the LED Lights is environmental and money-saving. The same methods apply to the Christmas holiday lights, although you use them once a year. A more significant part that LED doesn’t heat up and us more durable and reliable. So, stick to a plan to recycle the Christmas lights with the best dispose of the decision.

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