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Nowadays, people are more and more aware of the injuries that certain human practices inflict on the planet and our environment.

Countless acres of trees and plants are vanishing due to deforestation, rising temperatures are melting glaciers. And increasing sea levels and the life expectancy of humans and wildlife is decreasing because of pollution.

If this behavior continues, there might not be a planet Earth anymore for our grandchildren and future generations.

Because of this, we must try to adapt to current living circumstances and minimize the damage caused to the environment by engaging in a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

It is not necessary to completely go cold turkey and eliminate all your current consumption habits.

You can gradually incorporate environmentally-friendly tasks into your daily activities. Like recycling or reducing food miles, and believe me, they make a difference in the world. The end goal is to decrease your carbon emissions and “Going Green” is the way to go.

The concept and use of “Green Energy” have opened the eyes of many people, including small businesses and international corporations. As a new outlet to protect the planet and have a low environmental impact.

For this reason, it is important to inform yourself about the practices of sustainable energy.


The Basis of Green Energy

Renewable energy, also known as green energy, refers to using natural resources, such as wind, sunlight, and water, to generate energy in order to minimize fossil fuel consumption. This leads to fewer carbon emissions and protects our environment from pollution and hazardous waste.

Many green energy types, like hydropower and windmills, have been employed to produce electricity and drive machinery centuries ago. But previous designs were not able to harness the full potential of alternative sources.

However, technological advances have discovered new approaches to wield renewable resources as a new means to create heat and electricity.

Although there is untainted beauty in alternative sources, it doesn’t mean that they are completely environmentally risk-free.

Unfortunately, green energy still produces certain side effects on the environment.

For example, rivers and dams that generate hydropower cripple wildlife and fauna, particularly fish, while wind turbines can power up a whole city, but leave environmental baggage due to construction measures.

Other green energy types are viable, like geothermal and hydrogen resources, but have high expenses that no everyone is capable of handling.

However, they generate less negative consequences on the planet than fossil fuels do. And promote healthier practices since they do not contribute to water or air pollution.

Additionally, their availability grants them numerous uses that will turn the world into a better place.

Homemade battery
Homemade battery

Green Energy Types

The most common types of sustainable energy sources are:


Since ancient times, men discovered the potential of water currents as a means of energy and harnessed its power through the creation of water wheels.

The water surges through a cylindrical contraption that pushes the water wheel, which is connected to a generator. As the wheel spins around, it activates the generator and produces energy.

Using the same mechanics, they later built dams to store water and generate power when it is released through some turbines.

Nowadays, hydropower represents more than 60% of sustainable energy production in certain countries. Additionally, some corporations have pondered on exploiting ocean currents as a new energy source.

Solar Harnessing:

Solar panels convert sunlight into energy by capturing the electrons contained in ultraviolet rays. Initially, solar energy was not practical because solar panels were rather pricey, maintenance was challenging, and certain wastes were harmful.

You will normally see the money invested in solar systems in about twenty years. However, many households and businesses use solar energy now because they have a low environmental burden.

Wind Energy:

In certain European countries, windmills still supply towns and cities with electricity since it does yield environmental waste. Just like solar energy, wind turbines capture wind flow and utilize it to generate energy.

The big disadvantage of creating wind farms is that it requires a large construction area, which results in high expenditures. Additionally, they produce a lot of noise.

Geothermal Power:

Although you cannot employ it all over the world, the amount of energy the Earth’s core generates is astronomical. In simpler terms, you need to search for a high-heat underground location and transform heat radiation into power. Heavy machinery and specialized contraptions transform this energy into electricity without affecting the surrounding environment.

Biomass Recurrence:

This new type of renewable energy alludes to the use of organic matter (plants and animals) to generate heat. For example, companies transform waste into biofuels, like ethanol and biodiesel, that cars can employ instead of fossil fuels. Some scientists view biomass energy as the approach to finally eliminate human waste once and for all.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The Presence of Green Energy Suppliers

Believe or not, there are many corporations present in today’s world that offer the possibility of employing sustainable resources to power up your home.

These are known as green energy suppliers and they grant you renewable energy accommodations that lower your living costs and refrain further damage to the planet.

Most suppliers purchase their electricity from individual generators that ensure that the energy is 100% green.

For example, the United Kingdom obtains approximately 70% of its electricity from renewable resources, mainly wind farms and biomass usage. In other words, many households adopted an eco-friendly lifestyle where everything they do has low repercussions on the environment.

Some people find green energy as unreliable, but they are mistaken.

For instance, solar panels are able to produce generate energy even on cloudy days. And dams have backup procedures that guarantee continuous electricity if a turbine fails.

You can easily compare the bill prices produced by green and non-green sources online. And verify how much you can save by switching to a green supplier.

Solar Panels Technicians
Solar Panels Technicians

Green Energy Jobs

If you are passionate about protecting planet Earth and the environment, there are careers available in the sustainable energy industry.

The opportunities are endless, ranging from solar panel installation, working with wind power, supervising manufacturing processes, to designing new methods to harness renewable resources.

The most competent green energy jobs accessible are:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Roofers
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Construction Managers
  • System Software Developers
  • Atmospheric space scientists
  • Geoscientists
  • Wind-turbine technicians
  • Solar photovoltaic installers

Out of all the previous jobs mentioned, software developers and atmospheric space scientists remain at the top of the recruiting positions.

Atmospheric space scientists are crucial in any green energy company because they analyze environmental conditions and meteorological data obtained from satellites, stations, and radar to procrastinate weather changes.

This is necessary to decide what type of renewable energy is more viable for investment and purchase. On the other hand, software developers design tools and gadgets that optimize the use of these resources.

Thus, they can be utilized for industrial, military, scientific, medical, and/or business purposes.

Keep in mind that lower-ranking career positions are still necessary to create a well-balanced team and efficient energy production.

Renewable Energy: A Good Career Choice?

As of right now, green energy jobs are becoming more prominent. According to Clean Jobs America, approximately 2.5 million U.S. citizens work in the sustainable energy industry. Additionally, many degrees allow you to take a career path to renewable energy.

For instance, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry grants you the opportunity to specialize in forensics science, biochemistry, or chemical engineering. Even more, you receive high salaries and much need job stability.

Remember that sustainable energy is still an uncharted land, which allows room for technology and scientific advancements to be made in this work field.

Take, for example, John Larios, who graduated with a degree in Engineering. He then specialized in Mechanical Engineering and reoriented his master’s studies to Thermal Engineering.

Now, he works at HSM, one of the biggest geothermal corporations in Germany. Anything is possible with the correct mindset.

Socially Responsible Investment
Socially Responsible Investment

Understanding the Concept of Renewable Energy ETF

Some people prefer to be socially responsible by investing in companies or stocks that promote eco-friendly lifestyles or habits.

If you are passionate about devoting your money to good causes, then a renewable energy ETF may be right for you.

Basically, a renewable energy ETF is an exchange-traded fund that focuses on corporations that are concerned with sustainable energy, like biomass, hydrogen, and ocean currents.

This asset analyzes the performance of a basic list composed of businesses that promote the use of environmentally-friendly habits.

For example, some manufacturing corporations create raw materials to construct electrical cars or certain wind farms produce electricity for local energy grids.

These businesses have a directing board that prioritizes their clients’ interests while ensuring that clean energy is being used to promote environmental awareness.

According to the US Department of Energy, an economic shift will occur in the following decade where fossil fuels will decline and alternative energy will rise exponentially.

Because of this, it might be a smart choice to invest in people that want to make the world a better place.


Green energy is an issue that is becoming more and more popular every day because people are finally understanding that our planet can have an expiration date.

Using the sources that Mother Nature has to offer, such as water, sunlight, and wind can truly help cleanse the environment from the damage inflicted on it.

Additionally, incorporating eco-friendly habits or working in the sustainable energy industry are some ways to you can help our planet. After all, sustainability is no longer a commodity, but a necessity!

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