Eco-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids

Description: The summer holidays allow you to spend more time with your children. You finally have them back in the nest and running around. But with time, they always stick to their gadgets and even refuse to help, so what do you do? The answer is to get them busy with fun-filled activities.

When you are making a plan for summer activities for kids, you have to be considerate to get a few things right. Firstly, identify your kids’ hobbies; second is their ages, and thirdly — their surroundings. Well, there are so many things we can discuss, but we will narrow down the scope to eco-friendly activities they can enjoy this and every other summer. The list involves kids of all age groups, even the one strapped on you with the best baby wrap for summer!

Let’s dive in!

Arranging a Garden


Before we even think of activities for kids, we take a look around! Is there bare ground within your premises? If there is, that could be activity number one — gardening. Let your young ones get their hands dirty in the making of a garden. This is one of these activities that will give them a sense of responsibility to take care of their surroundings. The kind of garden will depend on what you all agree on together. It could be a flower or even a vegetable one; either way, Mother Nature will smile.

But if you do not have that space, do not fret. Check out for gardens for small spaces and get creative with it. The sky is the limit!

Make Art Pieces Inspired by Nature

Another task in the fun summer activities is making an art piece inspired by mother earth. Here, your young ones could make a sculpture using twigs or even make a real family tree with leaves and broken twigs. To make it more interesting, include color and paints so that their pieces can be brought to life. This will not only keep them busy, but it will work into making them better at improvisation and utilizing what they have around them.

Happy family
Happy family

Build a Playhouse Using Recycled Material

Building the playhouse from scratch using recycled materials is one of the summer activities to consider. They could decide on either cardboard, boxes, plastic bottles, or even make their mud blocks. It sounds like a dirty job, but you and your kids will appreciate it later once you see the results.

This activity will go a long way into building their ability to create a plan from scratch. Additionally, make sure that everything they use is natural. That means even the seat place in their playroom could be old tires. They may look a bit shoddy, but splash a little paint on it, and you have a masterpiece. You might inspire your son or daughter to become an architect or interior designer.

Going for a Nature Adventure


Lastly, get those little feet up and running. Instead of staying within your premises, go out on adventurous nature excursion. Such kid’s activities can be used to help them get ahead of their biology class. They could go searching for insects, small animals, and even wildflowers. Make it fun and carry the camera with you to take pictures of both the environment and yourselves.

Who said it could just be one activity? Combine the nature trail with bike riding and have a picnic at the top of the hill. Your little ones will learn, have fun, and even go back home on a full stomach, what more could you ask for!

Enjoy Eco-Friendly Summer Activities With Your Kids

Kids grow up fast. As a parent, you must strive to enjoy every moment with them. So to connect with them this summer, keep them busy with the eco-friendly activities mentioned above. If you have more ideas, kindly share them with us, the more, the merrier. For questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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Betti Wilson is an environmentalist mom of three who creates a plan beforehand so that her kids will have something to do in the summer. This is to teach them a few core values on the environment plus life skills.

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