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It was once believed that the Earth’s resources were infinite and that they could supply humanity until the end of time. However, our planet Earth may be reaching a point of no return.

Thus, it is our duty to transition to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle to reduce further damage to the world and the environment.

Nowadays, many companies and industries are adopting green practices to showcase their commitment to environmental preservation. Some of these including food harvesting and construction businesses. However, many people are highlighting the beauty industry as another contributor to pollution and waste production. Believe it or not, the use of cosmetics and other beauty-related products can have a detrimental impact on the planet if not properly addressed. For this reason, you must comprehend the need for green beauty and how to incorporate it into your everyday life. Let’s show you how to transition to eco-friendly beauty practices.

The Birth of Green Beauty

The concept of green beauty rose as a social trend to encourage environmental awareness in the beauty market while depicting the health benefits that come with natural cosmetics, According to the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, about 900 ingredients embedded in cosmetics are harmful and clinical trials are linking certain health conditions to these elements. Eye infections, allergic reactions, and chronic dermatitis are some of the few illnesses that are caused by certain chemicals used in makeup and other beauty products.

For general knowledge, you should know that your skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs approximately 60% of any substance that it comes in contact with. If your body is unable to break down this compound and eliminate it properly, it will accumulate in your bloodstream and body tissues. Eventually, this toxin buildup can cause adverse effects that can be both acute and long-term. Take, for example, moisturizing cream that rejuvenates your skin, but causes hormonal imbalances in the future. It produces acne and menstrual irregularities, which reduces the possibility of conceiving a child. Risk overrides benefit, as it should always be, and that must be your mentality.

Why is Green Beauty important?

Because of this, many health-conscious people are opting for greener and safer alternatives that protect both your health and the environment. If you care about what you eat and drink, then you should also prioritize what substances you place on your body as well. Additionally, companies must appeal to their consumers’ interests. Financial data scientists predict that the natural beauty industry will have a value of about 22 billion dollars by 2024 and continue to flourish as time passes by.

Green beauty is also vital due to the environmental hazards associated with synthetic and toxic materials used in cosmetics. Remember that you clean off your makeup in the sink and the water washes away these chemicals. In other words, these toxins can fall into water sources and contaminate them. Water is not the only victim; hairsprays and perfumes increase carbon emissions, which contributes to climate change, while contaminated water can dry up plants and harm wildlife. For this reason. green beauty is not a choice, but an obligation.

Green Beauty
Green Beauty

Beauty Products and their Environmental Burden

Although natural cosmetics are part of an eco-friendly beauty lifestyle, it does not mean that it equals sustainability. Due to the high demand for green ingredients, many manufacturing companies are depleting natural resources to obtain them in the cheapest and fast way possible. For example, transforming raw materials into petroleum-based items or mining minerals for foundations and blushes interferes with natural ecosystems and damages the soil and contributes to carbon footprints. Therefore, a beauty brand might offer green beauty products, but the process of creating them might damage the planet.

The environmental impact of Non-Green Cosmetics

The company may indirectly cause pollution and environmental damage, but the products themselves harm the planet as well. Non-green cosmetics contain chemicals and toxins that are washed away in drains and sewage. If this waste is not properly disposed of, it can contaminate water sources, like lakes, rivers, groundwater, and oceans. Contaminated water is known to affect plankton and aquatic plants as it disrupts breeding and photosynthetic capabilities, respectively. This ultimately compromises relevant food chains that endanger animals and plants.

Toxin-filled water can also evaporate into vapor and later condense in provincial rains that fall in agricultural soil and affect trees and crops. The use of pesticides in crops and the added contaminated water can truly deteriorate a person’s health after consuming it over time. Thus, it can decrease their quality of life and lead to health issues. On the other hand, contaminated water can cause crops to wither, which reduces production. Most food industries counterbalance production by overworking agricultural soil. This practice dries up the soil faster and increases erosion, which alters many landscapes.

Finally, packaging also contributes to environmental injury. The use of big boxes and fancy designs for their beauty products increase dramatically carbon emissions and deplete raw materials, like paper and plastic. Most packaging is not biodegradable or recyclable and leads to waste buildup. According to statistics, the cosmetic market produces about 120 billion units of packaging every year, which causes the destruction of millions of acres of forests for waste disposal.

Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Bamboo Makeup Brushes
Bamboo Makeup Brushes

Despite the environmental damage caused by many beauty brands, some have thrived in creating certain products that promote green practices at an affordable price. Some of the best-known items include:

Bamboo Makeup Brushes

Most sets are made of aluminum and renewable bamboo. This means that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certifies this product is cruelty-free and vegan. Nowadays, people praise bamboo products as the epitome of eco-friendly beauty.

Makeup Remover Cloths

These cloths are a great alternative to disposable cotton pads and wipes. You reduce the amount of waste that you produce when you clean your face. Additionally, most materials are biodegradable and improve the reservations of ecosystems and wildlife.

Glass Pump Bottles

Remember that plastic is an enemy to the environment. Plastic is the major contributor to waste landfills since it takes more than a thousand years for it to break down, which leads to forests being cut down to create waste disposal facilities. Therefore, you can use glass pump bottles to reduce waste and plastic consumption since you can wash and reuse them multiple times.

Stainless Steel Razors

You should transition from disposable plastic razor to a steel razor. Although they can be quite pricey, it becomes an excellent investment because cartridges are more efficient and less waste is produced.

Vegan Floss

Vegan floss is known to be biodegradable and cruelty-free. In addition, most come in a steel container which reduces packaging waste and benefits the planet.

Hair Masks

Some hair masks are made with natural ingredients that produce no health issues and protect water sources and wildlife. Additionally, certain beauty brands process them in small containers that are both biodegradable and produce less waste.

Reusable Cotton Swabs

Most eco-friendly cotton swabs are made with bamboo, which makes them biodegradable and recyclable. Additionally, less raw materials are invested in their packaging, which further decreases carbon emissions.

Best Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands


Axiology is a popular beauty brand known for its outstanding ethical principles and investment in natural cosmetics. This brand offers organic and vegan skincare products and lipsticks, which are certified by PETA as cruelty-free. Additionally, they use natural ingredients, like shea butter and moringa oil, and avoid the use of palm oil.

Dab Herb

Another eco-friendly beauty brand is Dab Herb, which provides vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, like makeup, foundations, palettes, and many more. It has a zero-waste policy and utilizes natural and organic ingredients.


Tarte is another alternative for green-oriented cosmetics. They do not use chemicals, like gluten, parabens, or synthetic fragrances that cause allergic reactions or produce adverse effects. It utilizes plant and fruit extracts that fall into the sustainability motto. Additionally, their packaging is compact to reduce waste.


Aveda is another prominent beauty brand available in many supermarkets and retail stores worldwide. They provide a wide array of products, such as makeup, shampoos, and skincare that use natural and organic ingredients. In addition, most of their products have an accessible price if you want to invest in beauty items.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Routines and Practices

It is not necessary to completely transform your beauty routine into eco-friendly practices in one day, but you can try to incorporate it gradually. Try the following tips:

  1. Inform yourself of the safe and green beauty products available in your local store or beauty shop.
  2. Reduce the use of plastic bottles and cotton pads. Purchase reusable glass bottles that reduce your waste consumption so you can fill them whenever it is necessary.
  3. Try to change your beauty products one at a time to environmentally-friendly options. For example, you can begin with some of your skincare products, like the cleansers or toners.
  4. Avoid hoarding beauty products. You should try to purchase the next item when the previous one is completely empty and try to use recyclable packaging.
  5. Search for multi-use products. Invest in items that have more than one purpose to simplify your beauty routine. For example, you can buy a moisturizer that has SPF so you can use it as a daytime moisturizer.


Green beauty is both accessible and necessary in the age we live in today. It is not beneficial for the planet but also improves your overall health. Eco-friendly beauty can be taken one step at a time, and believe me, one person can make a difference.

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