Giti Tire's Collaboration With Conservation International On The Shark Tracking Project

Giti Tire is delighted to be a long-time supporter of Conservation International (CI), a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation and support in Asia and across the globe. Six years of assistance for the CI’s shark tagging and preservation activities were included in Giti’s collaboration with the organization. Safeguarding the environment for climate, ocean conservation at scale, encouraging nature-based economic growth, and scientific and financial innovation are the main strategic goals of CI. The organization strives to make environmental preservation a prominent component in economic growth considerations all over the globe by demonstrating how conservation can succeed at all levels. 

About Conservation International (CI) 

Conservation International has been working to raise awareness of and protect the vital advantages that the environment offers to people since 1987. CI has successfully conserved over 6 million square kilometers of land and water in more than 70 nations by integrating fieldwork with scientific, policy, and financial breakthroughs.  

By working on vast biological ecosystems that people define as landscapes and seascapes, Conservation International hopes to develop sustainable conservation strategies that can be adopted from one region to the next. This integrated strategy provides insights into how humankind may conserve the environment while enduring and even preventing climate disruption and animal extinction from the Galápagos Islands to the South African rangelands. 

CI collaborates with governments, institutions, non-governmental organizations, and the corporate sector to scale up its accomplishments. The foundation has participated in UN debates on climate changes and biodiversity, and its researchers have spoken at international meetings and seminars. In almost 30 nations, the organization has researchers, policymakers, and other environmentalists on the site. It also enlists the help of tens of thousands of local collaborators. Conservation International collaborates with some of the world’s most well-known corporations to decrease their ecological effect and promote environmental conservation. 

Giti’s collaboration with CI 

While many tire companies support football clubs, Giti Tire owns a whale shark. This unique sponsorship arrangement developed from the company’s long-standing association with Conservation International (CI), which is intimately linked to the Executive Chairman of Giti Tire, Enki Tan’s commitment to environmental preservation. 

Since 2011, Giti Tire Company, Ltd. has supported Conservation International’s freshwater conservation activities in China, particularly in the highly endangered Yangtze River basin, along with their global outreach base in Singapore, to help increase awareness of conservation amongst regional businesses and policy officials. Giti Tire has already contributed to the conservation efforts in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, and southwest China. The initiatives assist to safeguard the habitat of endangered animals like the Sumatran orangutan in Indonesia and giant pandas in southwest China, as well as replanting forest regions and reducing CO2 levels that promote climate change. 

In 2007, Giti Tire funded Conservation International by investing in the Monaco Blue Auction to help create Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia’s Papua province’s Raja Ampat area. 

Giti Tire is honored to be a long-standing sponsor of Conservation International, which works to protect the environment in Asia and around the world. Conservation International has lately made considerable attempts to advance the technology by allowing users to follow their tagged fish live online, such as the world’s largest fish, which was satellite-tagged in eastern Indonesia. Giti has its own 4.75-meter shark, which is on display and can be followed via CI’s webpage.  

Every year, an astonishing 70 million sharks are slaughtered for shark fin soup as well as other purposes. The decreasing shark species poses a severe threat to marine ecosystems, on which many species, including humans, rely on. Giti Tire is happy to assist Conservation International in its economic and educational initiatives to safeguard aquatic wildlife and other environmental concerns. Wildlife can be researched and preserved in more effective and useful ways thanks to these activities. 

Dr. Enki Tan – Giti Tire’s Executive Chairman a.k.a.theenvironmentalist Tire Salesman  

The Board of Directors of Conservation International included Dr. Enki Tan in the project. Giti Tire Company Limited, led by Dr. Enki Tan produces a diverse selection of tires that are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. Enki Tan, Chairman of Giti Tire, one of the world’s largest tire producers, jokes that he’s a tire salesman, but his true calling is ecological protection. Tan, an enthusiastic traveler, and scuba diver is passionate about environmental protection and took the opportunity to join the board of Conservation International in 2004.  

Wrapping up 

Giti Tire, the Singaporean tire company, is associated with ecological community initiatives all around the globe. Freshwater preservation in China, habitat conservation in Southeast Asia, and replanting endangered forest areas across Asia have been among their most important initiatives with Conservation International. According to the recent partnership with CI, Giti Tire supports shark-tagging research aimed at learning more about aquatic species habitats, migrations, and the impact of tire production on aquatic life. 

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