recycling Christmas trees

Recycling Christmas trees: Christmas is not to a burden on planet earth. With wise thinking and imagination at the time of recycling Christmas trees, cards, and wrapping. We together can reduce the environmental impact this holiday season. 

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Local Made Gifts

To celebrate Christmas there are many gifts in the market today. Local craftsmen and artisans are a valuable source for the gifts that come up without any cost of time and can be recycled easily.

Nature Restoration

Nature restoration while planting a small tree will make the value of the nature tremendous and the Christmas tree essence. An hour spent on enhancing the natural area will enrich and be a source of wellbeing.

Nature Connection

Christmas is a great time for the family. A great tradition of giving back the values of sustainable living to children and family. Helping them understand the value of Christmas. While making them ready for the recycling process and to understand the nature and environment.

Live Tree

Plastic Christmas trees can be reusable for many years, but real trees are a sustainable choice. Discarded plastic trees are mostly sent to the landfills where the plastic content lasts. While a live tree us a renewable source is grown on the farm and replace regularly. They mostly contribute to the air quality and most can be recycled into mulch.

Buying a Live Tree

Suppose you buy a small tree you will be able to use it for 2 to 3 years without having to plant or a need to recycle the tree. Moreover, if the tree becomes a root-bound you can again replant it for extended use.

Many state municipal authorities have free chipping and recycling for the trees. This is a useful recycling source as the chips can be used as mulch for landscaping and selling to the gardeners. The best part of recycling a Christmas tree the material makes an excellent mulch for the garden ways and shrub beds.

Alternative to Wrapping Paper

The wrapping paper and decorate consumer products consume half of the paper in America. In the United States trash from the wrap and shopping bags total around 4 million tons. Choose a wrapping paper made from fibers such as hemp or the paper that uses recycled content.

Recycle and Reuse

In the United States each year 40 million Christmas trees are purchased and about 25% goes to the landfill. Most of the environmental cost that is in association with the Christmas holidays can be reduced with the awareness of recycling and re-use of the Christmas tree.

You can find also some Christmas recycling bags on Amazon.


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