What is Kaminea?

Kaminea is a new blog. We focus on sustainable cities, climate change, zero waste, and an eco-friendly lifestyles.

What is your purpose?

Our purpose is to promote sustainable cities and communities as we believe that is one of the most important priorities for urban dwellers.

We will try to develop ideas or concepts around climate change and eco-friendly lifestyles in urban areas.

Why did you choose this logo?

Kaminea Campaigning for sustainable development

Our logo is part of our identity, it represents our idea to see more green areas in the biggest cities, also to reintroduce plants and flowers in the urban dweller’s lives.

Why should I feel concerned?

Contamination and recycling should take a bigger part in our day to day basis as recently a lot of studies show an increase in people with asthma and anxiety.

We believe that sustainable urban planning can improve the lifestyle of most people.

Can I participate?

Yes, of course, sharing our articles or posts. You can also submit ideas, comments, posts, pictures.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to share ideas, articles…

Your friends at Kaminea

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