Sustainable Home Decor

Written by Alexandria Winner

Sustainability is in these days if you want to decorate your home in a sustainable fashion, there are plenty of great home decor options out there.  

Below are some ideas to decorate your home in an environmentally conscious way. After reviewing them, consider picking up some eco-friendly home goods for your next home decor project.  

Purchase Fewer But Better 

Many home decor experts say the most sustainable way to decorate the home is shopping for items that will last for years and not based on a current trend.  

For example, in Switzerland, many people invest in home decor pieces that last for several generations. To tell the story of your home, the best way might be through pieces that last a long time.  

Reupholster, Do Not Replace 

To make your furniture last longer, it is a good idea to reupholster instead of buying new every few years. There is much less waste and you still get the new look you crave.  

Ethically Made Products
Ethically Made Products

Go To Secondhand Stores 

Many great home decor items can be purchased secondhand. Not everything needs to be bought new. If you must buy something new, consider doing so more sustainably by using local craftsmen and vendors.  

Use Eco-Friendly Materials When You Can 

Even your major home decor brands are rethinking how they source materials and offering better eco-conscious options for customers.  

Try to buy natural fibers and dyes when you can – jute, hemp, linen, and organic cotton. Look for recycled materials as much as possible.  

You even can make painting your walls more sustainable. Use non-toxic paint as it is better for the environment and people. Most paint companies provide natural options now.  

Buy Ethically Made Products 

This is the social aspect of sustainability. Buying ethically made products means you are buying from suppliers that pay decent wages and ensure no child labor is used in their facilities. These companies also have a safe working environment.  

Also, being an ethically conscious company means it is committed to sourcing and producing products in an ethical manner.  

When You Want To Change, Give Decor a New Life 

If you can, reuse any existing item you can. An old kitchen cabinet can be made into a new vanity for the bathroom. Or the kitchen tile you tore out can be made into a mosaic in the entryway. If you cannot use old items, consider exchanging or giving them away.  

Keep these sustainable home decor ideas in mind when you are redecorating your home! 

Alexandria Winner

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