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Wherever your life takes you for an adventure, the excitement and a pair of good shoe is the only thing which is important to travelers. The importance of having good shoes don’t mean about their looks, but the comfort it provides while traveling. A good shoe can make or break all the excitement in traveling and therefore a pair of good shoes is a must.  

Traveling involves walking for a long period by wearing shoes. No doubt walking is fun but it can become miserable and painful if you are not having a good shoe. A Good Shoe provides proper support and comfort, keeps the foot dry and healthy, and makes you feel more confident. So if you are the one who needs to buy a good show but can’t decide which one to buy, then here you go. There is nothing better than a pair of vegan shoes for traveling, exploring nature by wearing nature and eco-friendly shoes. Let’s discuss some of the best vegan shoes for traveling.  

How to choose vegan shoes that suits for traveling?  

Here are the five best vegan brand shoes for traveling.  

  1. Veja 

The Veja sneakers are a little different for stiff tongues due to the low chrome procedure in which the leather is tanned by the brand. The soles of each Veja shoe are made up of Amazonian rubber, fair organic trade, lining, cotton, and canvas upper.  

One of the best vegan shoes from Veja is canvas Esplars with three lock Velcro design. These shoes are unisexual and can be worn by both men and women. These shoes are made sturdy with quality leather to provide optimal comfort and grip while traveling.  

  1. Ahimsa  

The Ahimsa’s Jeffrey is a highly durable and fashionable hiking boot which are made up of top-quality nylon and soft cotton lining with a reinforced heel part of faux suede to ensure proper comfort and safety. This boot comes with D-ring laces to provide the best fit and have a lightweight but durable sole.  

The Jeffrey boot is a beautiful combination of modern materials on a classically designed body which makes it more appealing and attractive and is considered as one of the best shows for traveling. These boots come in two different. types of soles and both of them are made from natural latex and cork upper. The options available in choosing soles allow the wearer to adjust the fit of their liking which is the best part of these boots.   

  1. Toms 

Traveling is incomplete without a good pair of shoes, and it will be more amazing if that pair of shoes are from Toms. These shoes are easy to slip on and off to make you free from the hustle of trying untying the shoes and even provide great durability. When comes to comfort, it provides the best comfort especially for long haul flights as this provides the same feeling as bedroom slippers.  

The shoe from Toms is way versatile as it can rock in any outfit you wear and allows you to unpack different shows for different occasions and also they are very easy to pack which makes it more travel-friendly. Therefore these are the must on your backpack if you are thinking of traveling anywhere.  

  1. Ethletic 

The shoes by Ethletic are organic cotton and natural rubber made and are pure vegan approved by PETA and even donates one US dollar for every shoe they sell. Therefore their presence in the show market is an important contribution towards the society and environment.  

The brand uses renewable shoes while manufacturing shoes and this makes them more comfortable and durable to wear and easy to carry too. These shoes provide the required flexibility and grip and are therefore suitable for walking while traveling.  

  1. Rothy’s  

Rothy’s shoes are very popular especially among travelers because of their lightweight stylish, durable, and easily packable characteristics. With a variety of colors and styles, these shoes let you enjoy your traveling journey with their comfort and attractive looks.  

The best part about these shoes is that they are made up of recycled plastic bottles and other kinds of sustainable materials. Apart from the comfort it provides, these shoes also give you unique confidence as these are versatile and classy shoes. These shoes can also be packed in a small backpack and this is why these are the most popular for traveling.  


The basic purpose of a shoe is to provide perfect comfort and fit but sometimes we can’t able to carry our most comfortable shoes due to their packability or size issues. Therefore, everyone especially the person who travels a lot must have some pairs of shoes which are comfortable, durable, stylish, and most importantly easy to carry.  

Vegan shoes always are in fashion and travelers love vegan shoes, and if you can find traveling shoes under the vegan category then it will be the best to explore the world wearing an eco-friendly shoe. Therefore here are the 5 best Vegan Brand Shoes for traveling.  

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Hi guys my name is Rohan, I am the founder of Eco Footwears. I have been a footwear enthusiast for the last 3+ years. Over the years of rocking sweet shoes, I have learned a thing or two. I love to share my knowledge and help others in this great culture.

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