Where to Recycle Christmas tree near me?

Try one of the ideas where to recycle a Christmas tree :

Many of us like the decoration of a Christmas tree, and it is one of the favorite parts of the holiday season. If you are one of the people, who put up a Christmas tree this year you might be thinking of its use as the season ends. Try one of the ideas where to recycle a Christmas tree near me rather than putting the beautifully shaped wood in the garbage that ends up in the Landfill.

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In the Water

Excellent habitat for the fish is the Christmas tree. Just put it in the pond or a stream. If you don’t have a lake contact, the local authorizes in your area. In most of the regions, they shall pick up and toss in a suitable lake and stream for you.

Keeping in your place

he trees are the best option for lodging of all kinds. Consider keeping it as a bird sanctuary; it will provide the bird’s protection from the cold winds. You can also enjoy decorating the tree with enticing bird food.

Garden Use

Another thought of where to recycle a Christmas tree near me begins. To enjoy trim the branches and try to place them over the perennial bed. It can reduce frost heaving caused by thawing and freezing.

In the Stove

Use dry branches to start you fire a natural beginning in the end.


An easy and best way to avoid the mess removing the tree and place a plastic tree bag under the stand when you set the tree. You can hide it with a tree skirt. Now as the holiday season is over pull up the bag around the tree stand and carry it outside. Moreover, you can remove the position before recycling the Christmas tree.

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In the community

Many of the cities in the United States have a tree recycle program that can turn an old tree into an excellent mulch. If these ideas don’t work for you, contact your nearby local department to collect the trees or advise you for a drop off location.

As a blog writer, I cannot recommend but don’t ever chop up the wood from the Christmas tree and put it in the fireplace. They have a high level of creosote which usually is tar and can cause dangerous smoke and build up.

Why Recycle Christmas Trees?

There are many questions in the residents about why to recycle your Christmas tree. So many cities collect these trees following the Christmas making Recycling of the tree a great option. It helps in producing mulch to the citizens with the gardens. Another important thing is when a Christmas tree is placing in the landfill. It produces methane upon decomposition. 

As the Christmas season rolls off and the holidays are gone, you have a lot of options where to recycle Christmas trees. Here some way to recycle Christmas trees and reuse the tree as an excellent alternative.

Firewood use

Better usage of the Christmas tree is chopping it off for fuel at the fireplace. It will dry quickly, but waiting a few months is necessary for the log to dry entirely and burn.

Own Yard Mulch

You can utilize the old tree in the yard as mulch. What you have to do us remove the branches and shave off the dead needles. The needles will decompose slowly, and it will not collect the mold.

Coasters and Borders

The best usage is using a hacksaw to cut to recycle the Christmas tree into the coasters and borders. A thing to remember is to be sure the sand down the surface. Seal them for the sap from leaking. A trick you can use it as edging borders in the garden or the walkways.

Fish Food and the Habitat

If you have a pond or lake near your house. Consider Recycling and dumping the tree in it. The old spruce will prove a natural habitat for the fish and attract the algae for them to eat. Most of the fishery departments will provide a drop off service for the Recycling of the Christmas trees in the ponds and lakes. 

Restoration of Dunes

The beach that always gets a lot of thrashing by the storms and hurricanes. It is a possibility the Christmas trees recycle could help to fight the beach erosion and restoring of the dunes. The Christmas trees retain the sand and vegetation against the strong winds. It often provides shelter and covers for the birds in winter.

You can find also Christmas tree recycling bags on Amazon.


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