Why is eco friendly clothing important?

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Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is not just about producing lesser waste, recycling materials, and being efficient in your consumption.

Your sense of fashion might also play a vital role in saving the environment. Environment-friendly clothing might be one of the ways for human beings to save mother nature.

Today I will be talking about eco-friendly clothing. I will talk about a broad range of topics that will help you understand what it is, why is it important, and what are its advantages.

Stay here with me and don’t start a new tab because what I’ll be discussing here will be a first.

That being said, let’s move on and get the conversation started!

What is Eco-Friendly Clothing?

Fashion sustainability
Fashion sustainability

Eco-friendly clothing is made from organic fibers that are produced using lesser chemical processes. Compared to conventional clothing, this is made from fibers that have been dyed and processed using environment-friendly methods and chemicals.

Environment-friendly may come in the form of t-shirts, underwear, pants, jeans, and many others.

Research published in the International Journal of Science Technology and Management (2016) defines eco-friendly clothing as clothing made of natural fibers such as organic cotton and hemp.

It can also be clothing that has been organically dyed with vegetables or any fabrics that use small amounts of water, energy, and chemicals that affect the environment.

To make this definition more simple, nature-friendly clothing is made from natural fibers using ecological manufacturing processes.

Eco-friendly clothing and sustainable fashion go hand in hand with one another. However, you should not confuse yourself between the two.

Eco-friendly clothing is just one mere result of the emergence of sustainable fashion in the late 1960s.

According to the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (2016), sustainable fashion emerged as consumers became more aware of the negative impact of conventional clothing production of factories on the environment.

This is determined by the following factors:

  • renewability
  • how much land is needed to fully manufacture a product
  • amount of chemicals used which harm the environment when manufacturing a product
Organic Cotton vs Traditional Cotton

What are the Advantages of Wearing Eco-Friendly Clothing?

Environmentally responsible clothing right now is growing in popularity among vegans and health-conscious individuals (like you).

There are a few advantages of using it compared to wearing conventional clothing. This section will be giving a brief explanation of the benefits of wearing it.

“When I was wearing certain fabrics I’d get rashes, itchy, and don’t feel so good. I started investigating and learned that there’s over 8,000 used to make the clothing that we wear” says Lana founder of Lana’s Llama, a company that aims to produce organic clothing to consumers.

Lana’s statement clearly portrays the first advantage:

Eco-friendly clothing is hypo-allergenic and doesn’t trigger various skin conditions, this is especially useful for people with sensitive skin.

With eco-friendly clothing, users are not at risk of experiencing rashes, itchiness, and other skin conditions because minimum or no chemicals are used.

The second advantage of wearing eco-friendly clothing is:

That it allows users to help protect animal rights. Manufacturers of nature-friendly clothing don’t use animal leather or fur.

By buying their products, you become part of the earth’s select population who wear clothes that don’t require the death of animals for manufacturing.

Eco-friendly clothing For Baby
Eco-friendly clothing For Baby

The third advantage is that eco-friendly clothing is:

This is easier to maintain. Compared to conventional clothing, environment-friendly clothes require fewer chemicals for maintenance. Dirt and stains that cling to their fabrics can be easily washed with the minimal use of bleach and detergents. This makes them faster to clean and last longer.

The uniqueness of your sense of fashion is the fourth advantage of wearing eco-friendly clothing.

Eco-friendly clothes look and feel a little different from conventional clothes.

They tend to look more colorful, more comfortable and more durable. Ecologically friendly products give to users a sense of being special and this is the reason why they’re growing in popularity right now.

To end this section, eco-friendly clothing has various advantages that conventional clothing doesn’t have. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

For you, the best way to know their other advantages is still to experience it, you find some on Amazon.com

What Are Nature-Friendly Clothing Materials?

Eco-friendly clothing materials are mostly organic materials/textiles. Organic materials/textiles are those that come from raw materials grown without the aid of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Manufacturers don’t include such to ensure that the materials are safe for the people and the environment.

In this section, I will talk about nature-friendly materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp:


Eco-friendly clothing material Bamboo

The bamboo plant is commonly used for building arts and crafts in countries such as the Philippines, China, and Malaysia.

Bamboo fiber can be made with minimal use of chemical inputs. Clothing made from bamboo has anti-bacterial properties and is very breathable which makes it suitable for pregnant women and babies.

This is the reason why clothing made from bamboo is called “air-conditioning clothing”.

Organic Cotton

Eco-friendly clothing material Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton

Most pieces of cotton used in apparel nowadays are grown using chemicals. However, companies aiming to produce eco-friendly clothes have discovered that cotton can be grown without the use of synthetic means, and maintain the same strength and comfort just like conventional ones when made into fabrics.

The processes involved in growing organic cotton might be more labor-intensive, but the excellent quality of clothing made from it is worth the cost and effort.


Eco-friendly clothing material Organic Hemp
Organic Hemp

Hemp is one of the most excellent eco-friendly clothing materials available. Growing it doesn’t require pesticides and herbicides because it grows in large numbers and has natural means of protecting itself against insects and weeds.

Also, it doesn’t drain the nutrients in the soil which it grows.

This makes it possible for hemp to be harvested and grown without the use of fertilizers.

Fiber coming from hemp is long which makes it perfect to be processed in spinning machines with minimum chemicals involved.

Fabric made from hemp fiber comes in varying weights and textures which make it perfect to be made into different kinds of clothing and accessories. Clothing made from hemp resist ultraviolet rays and is hypoallergenic, breathable, and fast-drying.

You may read all kinds of eco-friendly clothing materials by clicking here and here

Why Is Eco-Friendly Clothing Important?

The textile/clothing industry is one of the major contributors to environmental degradation.

Conventional production of textiles and other clothing materials have various negative effects on the environment.

Such negative effects are soil degradation, water pollution, air pollution, and many others.

In these pressing times where people are starting to suffer the effects of pollution and global warming, eco-friendly clothing is becoming important. It is made using environment-friendly processes using lesser energy, lesser chemicals, and lesser water.

Such environment-friendly measures help to reduce pollution and make the environment greener.

An article made by Alejandra Echeverri, Ph.D. in Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia, stresses the potential of eco-friendly fashion to environmental impact.

Accordingly, as more consumers lean towards eco-friendly clothing, textile companies are now starting to innovate and find more environment-friendly ways to produce materials.

Believe me, this change is then expected to have positive environmental impacts in the future.

What Are The Best Brands?

All that talk about what eco-friendly clothing is, its advantages, and why it’s important may have made you eager to know what are some companies that sell nature-friendly clothing.

Well, don’t get impatient because in this section I will be introducing the best eco-friendly clothing brands.

Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands
Available on Amazon

This company makes eco-friendly clothing in the form of denim that kids and adult males or females may wear.

Their fabrics are grown in house using organic methods.

Aside from these, the fibers which make up the fabrics are derived using lesser water and chemicals involved.

For example, fibers in conventional jeans use 1500 gallons of water on average. Fibers on DL jeans, on the other hand, only use 8 gallons.

Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands Pact
Available on Amazon

Pact is a company that only uses organic fabrics when making clothes.

They specialize in making clothing out of organic cotton. Customer reviews claim that it is one of those companies that makes really comfortable and durable organic cotton-based clothes.

Pact makes various clothing for men, women, children, and babies.

Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand Cienne

Cienne made possible the luxury standard in the ecological clothing industry.

This brand has collections of expensive clothing that addresses the needs of women.

Nicola Heim and Chelsey Healey founded Cienne back in 2014. Why are their products expensive you ask?

The answer is simple, some of their collections are worn by famous women such as Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Watts.

Before I end this section and wrap things up, I’ll tell you that there’s no need for you to scratch your head and worry where you may buy eco-friendly clothing.

The brands that I’ve discussed here and those that I haven’t included have their own eco-friendly online clothing stores.

Wrapping It Up

Compared to conventional clothing, eco-friendly clothing is breathable, hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear.

If you’re suffering from sensitive skin or feel discomfort easily this can be a good solution.

Also remember that by buying eco-friendly clothing, you are helping the textile industry to become more environmental-friendly.

The growing number of people buying environmentally responsible is playing a good part in protecting the world resources.

Buy one now and be part of the movement!

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