sustainable economic development

Sustainable economic development is a principal that is slowly starting to take hold. With the climate crisis upon us, it is vital that we find ways to make city planning and urban development greener. So, what are the reasons why we should focus on sustainable economic development in cities?

1. Contaminated air should be a priority for families and city dwellers

The air in cities is not known for being clean. In fact, air pollution kills many people and can cost countries trillions of dollars in damages. However, with sustainable economic development, a city can be built and altered to be much cleaner and rely less on cars. Fewer cars mean cleaner air and a far better way to get around the city as well as the surrounding areas.

2. Providing an example to children for a better sustaining lifestyle

Children raised in cities where planners do not care tend to grow up to not know any different. However, if sustainable development is taking roots, kids can grow up knowing many things, such as recycling and living a far more eco-friendly lifestyle.

3. Sustainable urban planning should be prioritized as more people are moving to urban locations

According to data, about 82% of people live in urban areas, as opposed to 64% in 1950. This number is expected to increase to 90% as of 2050. With so many people living in cities, it is necessary that our cities are built with a more eco-friendly idea in mind.

Sustainable economic development can help to reduce poverty, create better air and water quality, reduce pollution, create more affordable transportation, and reduce inequality. With so much on our plates, we must increase our focus on the world and the environment that we are all going to be living in within the next several years.

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